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BTS WORLD Hack – Generate instant Gems Cheats

BTS WORLD is a brand new superstars management game. You can master superstar management skills and become a professional superstar agent. The game is a complete revolution to the series of superstar bts. Enjoy the new classic card management. You can help BTS members to become famous with all kinds of activities. Another advantage here is that it’s easy to earn currencies, but if you don’t want to show off on more missions, you can rely on BTS WORLD Cheats. Using hack will bring you instant amounts of gems and coins in the game, and then you can enjoy unlocking more awesome features and gallery as you want.

Gaming Currency

There are two kinds of currencies in the game, they are necessary items to make your game play progress move forward.


Coins are one of the useful currencies in the game. You can get coins via in-game store with real cash. In addition, you can get free coins in the game; simply click on the free missions in the tasks menu, finish them, you will get free coins. Apart from that, you can get coins reward for helping your fans achieve simple card collection.


Gems are more different from coins. They are rare items in the game. It is more harder to earn gems than coins. But still, you can get them free if you do it right. Every week you will have a free gems draw. You should keep in mind that this draw is only open at 10 AM on Sunday. If you miss it, you have to wait for another week. If you are lucky, you can get a few amount of gems in the draw.

Apart from drawing, you can also get gems by using BTS WORLD hack. This tool will provide you with unlimited gems and coins instantly to your account. You don’t even need to wait for a long time to get them.

How to collect more rewards

Each time you complete a chapter, you will have chance to get a reward. The system will judge your gaming performance to give you certain rewards. Basically, the more stars you get in the specific chapter, the more rewards you will earn. Five stars is the most excellent performance in this game. To get it, you need to complete all the card collection as soon as you can. The trick we used here is that you should group the cards firstly, then collect them by group in the gaming event.

How to earn more energy

Actually, you need more energy to progress your gaming progress. If you want to get free energy, you can simply invite more friends to your game play list. Each friend you add will give you 20 – 40 energy points. There is no limits how many friends you can invite in this game. However, when your energy is full, adding more friends is useless.

To Conclude

BTS WORLD is an additive management type game. It will keep you busy for weeks without doubt. If you meet difficulties in the game play, you can check out this guide for help. Let’s help BTS members become popular in the world now.

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