SuperStar BTS Hack

SuperStar BTS Hack – Unlimited Diamonds Cheats 2019

SuperStar BTS is a fantasy real-time, music based, multiplayer game, which is developed by Dalcomsoft Games. It is one of the popular games ever made on music for mobile platform gamers. In the game, players can collect BTS members’ cards and their songs as many as they want. The most exciting part in this game is playing competitive mode with your friends or families for seven days. In order to unlock new card in superstar bts game, you need more and more diamond in your account. To help players get diamond easily and quickly, we introduce our most powerful tool SuperStar BTS Hack in this guide.

SuperStar BTS Hack Proof

Similar to the real world, players need to use virtual currency for unlocking all the cards and songs in the game. Your success in the game is highly dependent on the amount of virtual game currency that you have in your game account. Below you will learn some basic types of game currency.


Diamonds are one of the in-game currencies, which can be used to purchase some bts member’s card from the game. You can get Diamonds by successfully completing different chapters of game. If you want to instantly get diamonds then you can also buy them from the game store by using real world money. Another alternative is to make use of SuperStar BTS Hack for generating diamond instantly.

Earning Diamonds in the game:

There is a way through which you can earn Diamonds in the game. However, you need to be extremely patient in order to earn Diamonds by using this method. The easiest way to earn diamond is by playing the same chapter in high score. Each chapter that you complete, awards you with some amount of diamonds. Do not spend them right away, just keep them till you have enough diamonds to unlock your favorite bts member card, or you can try SuperStar BTS hack 2018.

Buying Diamond using money:

Though it is not recommended to spend real world money for buying diamond, but if you want to do so then follow these tips. The game shop is a place where you can buy Diamonds with real money. There are different packs available for buying. However, make sure that you purchase the bigger packs as you will get a better deal on them. Also, keep an eye on the game shop for bundle packs, because on special occasions, bundle packs are offered to player at a discount price. If you do not want to spend money, you may use our SuperStar BTS Cheats to get diamond.

To conclude, SuperStar BTS is an amazing music game for people who is fan of bts members. You will find much fun in the game by collecting songs and cards of bts members! So, if you need diamonds fast you can try our SuperStar BTS Hack.

SuperStar BTS Hack